Jay Holtslander


Posted Feb 26, 2015

VANCOUVER, BC (Feburary 26th 2015) – CodeCore Developer Bootcamp, a wholly owned subsidiary of TamTon Networking, Inc., and a local leader in software development training, today announced that Jason “Jay” Holtslander has resigned as Vice President, and will transition into a new role on the Advisory Board effective immediately.

Holtslander joined TamTon in 2008, and served on the Board of Directors as Vice President where he played a major role in the creation of CodeCore Bootcamp in 2013.

As Vice President, Holtslander was previously responsible for many aspects of the Company’s operations in addition to his teaching responsibilities, including roles in Business Development, Creative Direction, Social Media Management and Marketing. Holtslander also played a key role in the continued development of partner relationships, ensuring that graduates would have the closest possible connections to employment leads in Vancouver’s job market.

“We saw a need in Vancouver that wasn’t being filled,” Holtslander says. “We were inspired by the successes of ‘Bootcamp’ style training providers in the U.S. and eastern Canada and we knew that industry employers in Vancouver were facing a challenge in finding enough qualified talent to fill the many employment openings in town. We were eager to not only create more opportunities for future developers but also give their future employers a new source for their recruitment needs. We achieved that in a very short span of time. Our students have a remarkable job-placement rate which hovers at around 99 percent and our selection of programs and events continue to grow alongside our enrolment rates.”

During his tenure at CodeCore, Holtslander also spearheaded CodeCamp, a hugely successful weekend long coding event for high school students organized in partnership with The Next Big Thing Foundation and Hootsuite. The event was fully booked within days, as hundreds of teens vied for a spot.

“Jay’s vision and leadership helped guide CodeCore to its current position as a respected provider of top notch tech education in Vancouver.” said Tam Kbeili, President of TamTon, on behalf of the board. “Jay has made countless contributions to CodeCore’s success. In his new role on the Board of Advisors, Jay will continue to serve CodeCore with his unique insights, inspiration, and experience.”

CodeCore is a BBB Accredited, PCTIA registered institution headquartered in Vancouver BC Canada. CodeCore offers fast paced, classroom based, training in web application development utilizing cutting edge tools to ready students for new careers with the skills employers are seeking from their new hires