Jay Holtslander

Technologist / Developer /
Entrepreneur / Instructor / Mentor

I Blog

I write about several topics of interest to me. Maybe they interest you too? Have a gander.

I'm Social

I’m a social media addict. Which makes me easy to creep. Give it a shot.

I Create

For work or for play, my passion is for creating stuff. Have a look.

I’m a Creator

Designing and building things is my passion. It’s my calling in life. Whether at work, or at home, I need to create.

I’m an Educator

I co-founded one of western Canada’s first coding bootcamps. I’ve taught people of all ages and then helped them to find new careers as developers.
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I’m an Entrepreneur

Before co-founding the first PCTIA registered coding school in British Columbia I founded a successful game studio on nothing but a dream and Jolt cola.
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I’m a Developer

I’ve been working with software since the days of Windows 3.1 and DOS. Remember Netscape, Doom, Dial-up modems? I do.
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I’m a Vancouverite


I’ve been seen in:

Don't be shy

I’m pretty darn friendly

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