Jay Holtslander


Posted Mar 7, 2020

Finding these codes when I needed them was a pain in the butt. Made this post so I have a good source for myself.

Cheat Dial Code
Invincibility: 1–999–724–654–5537(1–999-PAIN-KILLER) RIGHT X RIGHT LEFT RIGHT R1 RIGHT LEFT X T
Weapons: 1–999–8665–87(1–999-TOOL-UP) T R2 LEFT L1 X RIGHT T DOWN S L1 L1 L1
Max Health & Armor: 1–999–887–853(1–999-TURTLE) C L1 T R2 X S C RIGHT S L1 L1 L1
Fast Run: 1–999–228–2463(1–999-CATCH-ME) T LEFT RIGHT RIGHT L2 L1 S
Fast Swim: 1–999–468–44557(1–999-GOT-GILLS) LEFT LEFT L1 RIGHT RIGHT R2 LEFT L2 RIGHT
Super Jump: 1–999–467–86–48(1–999-HOP-TO-IT) LEFT LEFT T T RIGHT RIGHT LEFT RIGHT S R1 R2
Lower Wanted Level: 1–999–5299–3787(1–999-LAWYER-UP) R1 R1 C R2 RIGHT LEFT RIGHT LEFT RIGHT LEFT
Raise Wanted Level: 1–999–3844–8483(1–999-FUGITIVE) R1 R1 C R2 LEFT RIGHT LEFT RIGHT LEFT RIGHT
Recharge Ability: 1–999–769–3787(1–999-POWER-UP) X X S R1 L1 X RIGHT LEFT X
Explosive Ammo Rounds: 1–999–444–439(1–999-HIGH-EX) RIGHT S X LEFT R1 R2 LEFT RIGHT RIGHT L1 L1 L1
Explosive Melee Attacks: 1–999–4684–2637(1–999-HOT-HANDS) RIGHT LEFT X T R1 C C C L2
Spawn BMX (Bike): 1–999–226–348(1–999-BANDIT) LEFT LEFT RIGHT RIGHT LEFT RIGHT S C T R1 R2
Spawn Buzzard (Little Bird): 1–999–289–9633(1–999-BUZZ-OFF) C C L1 C C C L1 L2 R1 T C T
Spawn Caddy (Golf Cart): 1–999–4653–46–1(1–999-HOLE-IN-1) C L1 LEFT R1 L2 X R1 L1 C X
Spawn Comet (Porsche): 1–999–266–38(1–999-COMET) R1 C R2 RIGHT L1 L2 X X S R1
Spawn Duster (Crop plane): 1–999–359–77729(1–999-FLY-SPRAY) RIGHT LEFT R1 R1 R1 LEFT T T X C L1 L1
Spawn Limo: 1–999–846–39663(1–999-VINEWOOD) R2 RIGHT L2 LEFT LEFT R1 L1 C RIGHT
Spawn PCJ-600 (Motorbike): 1–999–762–538(1–999-ROCKET) RIGHT LEFT RIGHT R2 LEFT RIGHT S RIGHT L2 L1 L1
Spawn Rapid GT (Car): 1–999–727–4348(1–999-RAPID-GT) R2 L1 C RIGHT L1 R1 RIGHT LEFT C R2
Spawn Sanchez (Dirtbike): 1–999–633–7623(1–999-OFF-ROAD) C X L1 C C L1 C R1 R2 L2 L1 L1
Spawn Stunt Plane: 1–999–2276–78676(1–999-BARN-STORM) C RIGHT L1 L2 LEFT R1 L1 L1 LEFT LEFT X T
Spawn Trashmaster (Garbage Truck): 1–999–872–433(1–999-TRASHED) C R1 C R1 LEFT LEFT R1 L1 C RIGHT
Skyfall: 1–999–759–3255(1–999-SKY-FALL) L1 L2 R1 R2 LEFT RIGHT LEFT RIGHT L1 L2 R1 R2 LEFT RIGHT LEFT RIGHT
Drunk Mode: 1–999–547–861(1–999-LIQUOR) T RIGHT RIGHT LEFT RIGHT S C LEFT
Flaming Bullets: 1–999–462–363–4279(1–999-INCENDIARY) L1 R1 S R1 LEFT R2 R1 LEFT S RIGHT L1 L1
Slow Motion Aim: 1–999–332–3393(1–999-DEAD-EYE) S L2 R1 T LEFT S L2 RIGHT X
Parachute: 1–999–759–3483(1–999-SKY-DIVE) LEFT RIGHT L1 L2 R1 R2 R2 LEFT LEFT RIGHT L1
Change Weather: 1–999–625–348–7246(1–999-MAKE-IT-RAIN) R2 X L1 L1 L2 L2 L2 S
Moon Gravity: 1–999–356–2837(1–999-FLOATER) LEFT LEFT L1 R1 L1 RIGHT LEFT L1 LEFT
Slippery Cars: 1–999–766–9329(1–999-SNOWDAY) T R1 R1 LEFT R1 L1 R2 L1
Slow Motion: 1–999–756–966(1–999-SLOW-MO) T LEFT RIGHT RIGHT S R2 R1
Director Mode: 1–999–57–825368(1–999-JR-TALENT)
Spawn Duke O’Death: 1–999–3328–4227(1–999-DEATHCAR) Unlock this cheat by finishing the “Duel” random event first
Spawn Kraken Sub: 1–999–282–2537(1–999-BUBBLES) Unlock this cheat by finishing the “Wildlife Photography Challenge” first [more info]
Spawn Dodo Airplane: 1–999–398–4628(1–999-EXTINCT) Unlock this cheat by finishing the “Sea Plane” random event first [more info]
Black Cellphones: 1–999–367–3767(1–999-EMP DROP)