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Nameserver lookup tool

I recently created a new tool which aims to be the fastest way to lookup a website's nameservers and then display shortcuts to useful links related to the result. Links include quick shortcuts to more info on the provider, their login screen, and even the provider's...

Why you must establish content before designing something

Someone recently asked me to wireframe a website for them. A wireframe is an early rough “sketch” of the design of a website. Sometimes it’s an actual sketch, sometimes it’s a computer aided drawing. The purpose of a wireframe is to get the idea of layout and structure to a website. The problem in this case was that they asked me to do this without providing any of the text or images that were meant for the website.

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Free Full Stack Web Camp in Vancouver

Do you want to learn how to build an awesome web app from beginning to end? Do you want to get up to speed on Node and Angular? Microsoft is hosting a free full stack web camp with a focus on front-end web development with Angular which takes place at the Simon Fraser...

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An inspiring Canadian startup story

In 2007, Allen Lau stepped into a coffee shop in his hometown of Toronto to meet with his business partner, Ivan Yuen. The topic of discussion that day: Decide what to do with Wattpad, their struggling business. When Lau sat down, he pushed his coffee to the center of the table and said to Yuen, “I just spent our total revenue from last month on this coffee, so we have to share it.”

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$20 Million dollars for an idea and a landing page

This is a tongue in cheek post. And because I want this post to cater not just to those who may be IN the startup industry and already understand how the industry works, but also to the everyday people who know nothing more about it than what they saw of it in the movie “The Social Network“, I will be writing for that audience. Have I mentioned that I like hyperbole too?

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Speed up a WordPress blog with Prefetch and Prerender

Prefetching and prerendering tell the user’s web browser to begin loading the ‘future’ next page before the user even clicks on it – so that when they do click the link, the new page opens almost immediately. The concept of prefetching is included in the HTML5 specification. Firefox describes such pre-loading of a page as Prefetching whereas the Chrome equivalent is called Prerendering.

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Leaving CodeCore

VANCOUVER, BC (Feburary 26th 2015) – CodeCore Developer Bootcamp, a wholly owned subsidiary of TamTon Networking, Inc., and a local leader in software development training, today announced that Jason “Jay” Holtslander has resigned as Vice President, and will transition into a new role on the Advisory Board effective immediately.
Holtslander joined TamTon in 2008, and served on the Board of Directors as Vice President where he played a major role in the creation of CodeCore Bootcamp in 2013.

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Teaching youth to code at CodeCamp 2014

On July 26th and 27th I was working with The Next Big Thing Foundation on an event centered around teaching youth to code. The first day of the two day long event centered around basic HTML and CSS and was instructed by myself. Day 2 covered more advanced coding and the attendees built basic applications using Ruby. The event was a huge success and hundreds of kids both in attendance at the event and attending remotely via Citrix GoToWebinar were given their first taste of coding.

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